Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Healthy Diet For Working Women

For working women life become stressful especially with daily office plus household work and also have to take care of their children and entire family, in this process, they tend to neglect their health and especially their diet. Every woman has different body however every woman’s body needs a healthy diet. Health experts also suggest women to create time for food breaks. To maintain a healthy diet and steer clear of hunger pangs during the day, make a custom food chart.

Healthy diet is necessary for each certainly one of us but it is plays an important role for working women as for most of the time working women don't pay much attention towards the timely meal and mostly depend on junk foods than on healthy diet plan. They normally eat anything they get in hand.


Start your day with fresh fruits on an empty stomach-they pass in the stomach to the intestines in a very rapid pace. Digestion, absorption and conversion of food to the energy unit glucose is done rapidly. This glucose will be necessarily supplied in sufficient quantities to the brain cells to let our working be efficient. Now, assuming you eat huge breakfast consisting of one, 2 or 3 concentrated, processed items like bread, butter, egg etc. a big amount of energy will have to be diverted to digest this breakfast.


Lunch can include a combination of cereal or pulse with many different vegetables-cooked and raw. So wheat grains flour, bajra or jowar rotis or moong sprouts ought to be combined with a lot of high water content veggies. This food combination is again to facilitate only limited quantity of energy to be diverted for digestion of food. Therefore the concentration in office work could be still maintained.


A perfect evening healthy snack, if required, could be a vegetable sandwich containing no cheese or butter and really should be made preferably of brown bread. Around the days home a hot clear vegetable soup might be a better alternative.


For dinner you'll have a complete meal of chapatti, vegetable, dal and salad. This meal ought to be consumed at least two or three hours prior to going to sleep. The amount of food consumed ought to be left on your hunger pangs to determine and not on your taste-bud.

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